Master Data Management

Bringing together advanced Analytics in decision-making.


Master data management (MDM) streamlines data sharing among all personnel connected with the enterprise, including management, employees, vendors, contractors and even end-users. SSTech applies their skills in master data management to facilitate computing in multiple system architectures, platforms and applications.

We recognize that organizations, with their varied data sources and differential business practices, often find it difficult to succinctly articulate the significance of the data on their business processes. SSTech’s MDM experts provide end-to-end services in analyzing the data, understanding the business entities involved and bringing it all together to determine the best source of a truly accurate picture of the data flowing from every part of the organization.


Within the enterprise and its IT operations, the combination of processes, governance, policies, standards and tools that work together are grouped under the “umbrella” of Master Data Management. This foundational information establishes the workflow and governs how business decisions are made. We have seen that, in particular, newer organizations, often struggle to understand the boundaries of this with respect to the data flow, and that leads to lack of a coherent vision of how the data can be used by the organization. At SSTech, we focus on these specific factors in building Master Data Management solutions for our client. These solutions have several specific goals at their core. These include: definition and management of the implementation to achieve maximum business value, constant control over change management, plus assuring that the client has the appropriate industry and technical expertise on the job.

Benefits include:

  • Empowers implementation of efficient data management models
  • Helps deliver better products and services
  • Accelerates time-to-value and drives revenue


System Soft Technologies, as an information technology specialist firm, is unique in the industry via our deep understanding of data intricacies. This allows our MDM experts to provide the best fit end-to-end data related solutions. These include Data Management, Data Modeling, Data Governance, Analytics, and Data Migration services, along with application/business process re-engineering as the needs may dictate. SSTech’s wide-ranging technology expertise makes the business outcome for the client the best possible.

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