Complex Program Execution and Delivery

Our approach to every mission has a singular critical aspect size and scalability...large complex systems are one of our chief capabilities.


With organizational success being so tightly bound to the effective execution of well-planned strategies, it is no wonder that the successful execution of complex programs in the client’s dynamic environment represent a significant challenge. Many enterprises do well with the management of tactical aspects of projects and programs, but start having problems when complexity increases. At SSTech, we organize our teams to leverage our advanced methodologies, simulation tools, modeling techniques, and other skillsets to overcome those complexities and risks and assist our clients in navigating to lowered risks and costs.


System Soft Technologies targets a set of variables to analyze and apply during this process, including the assessment of the required and on-going support from senior management, key stakeholders, cross-functional and cross-organized team management. This is one pathway to understanding and managing program interfaces, as well as watching over scope shifts in the complex project. SSTech examines the structure, management, and measure of several specific parameters in order to ensure program success. These include:

  • Managing the program with a common set of processes and tools
  • Ensuring the quality of resources and roles to deliver the program successfully
  • Planning the approach with attention to detail and reaching all business objectives
  • Analysis for the governance structure
  • Key management staff hiring across stakeholder areas
  • Validation of the objectives, scope and deliverables of the enterprise


  • A successful cross-functional set of deliverables and systems that increase operating efficiency and lower costs and risks
  • Major cost saving without sacrificing performance or lower objects
  • Innovate policies with long-term potential become available
  • The overall solutions allows long-term program management challenge reductions

Our team members constantly search for and leverage project management and production support tactics which lend themselves to complex program operations. SSTech focuses on a progression of disciplines in conducting the Complex Program Execution/Delivery mission, including:

  • Project management based on having all appropriate project tools and managers in place
  • Building competency across the project by having the right program tools and manager on staff
  • Building consistency through rigorous training and development
  • Achieving program maturity by seeking excellence across all functional areas

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