System Soft Technologies has deep understanding of how to perform thorough and beneficial system and program Health-Checks.


A Project Health-Check will quickly provide an independent snapshot of a project’s progress against the plan, at a chosen time. It is designed to evaluate the overall health or risk profile of a project, assess customer satisfaction, provide recommendations for improvement, and implement actions for project recovery or rescue. It focuses on:

  • Process, deliverables and communications quality.
  • Project risk assessment.
  • Project data and plan assessment.
  • People assessment.
  • Best practices effectiveness.
  • Business objectives, scope and requirements assessment.
  • Evaluation of the technology and its feasibility and compatibility with the current and/or planned environment.

Guiding a project through the usual perils and pitfalls is a challenge to even the most experienced stakeholders. Sometimes, it’s beneficial to step back a bit and take stock. That’s where a Project Health-Check can pay enormous dividends.

The Health-Check service leverages the Project Pre-Check fundamentals of stakeholder involvement, defined processes and the best practice based Decision Framework to provide a fast and comprehensive project assessment. The results from a Health-Check can feed directly into the Project Pre-Check Oversight service and into any in-place change management and project management processes.

The Health-Check can be used effectively on any in-progress business or technology change initiative, delivering maximum value on medium and large scale ventures or smaller projects with significant risks or benefit potential. It can deliver value in a matter of weeks at any project phase up to and through pre-implementation. It can also be used effectively on a phase by phase or release by release basis.

Whether working with modernizing a legacy system, or putting a brand new mobility solution into place, System Soft Technologies regularly performs application “health checks” across your system to assure performance and quality.

Health Check

SSTech engineers, in performing a Health Check procedure, create a roadmap which includes deconstructing the client’s set of applications, and analyzing the results of the Health Check itself. The first step, the quick assessment, is often based on a few key questions, and is actually accomplished in a few minutes. Secondly, a "mini" Health-Check is constructed, based on a particular set of knowledge areas or stages. This is a longer set of questions. Finally, a "full"" Health Check which takes 3-4 hours is done, with a moderator in place. All along the way, some key elements which are examined include project planning, staff management, change management, quality management, business satisfaction, and more.

  • Continuity in the improvement of their set of applications at a predictable cost
  • Extension of the working life cycle for customized applications
  • Easier identification of improvement areas and post-check support activities
  • Feedback from planning and delivery personnel
  • Quick project failure/risk mitigation
  • Identification and execution of new programs which increase project management quality

Risk Reduction

System Soft Technologies approaches the Health Check with focus on reduction of risk, minimal up-front investment for the client, and improved delivery speed. We specialize in assuring that specific warning signs are examined, including project control, compliance, business case validation, risk and issues reviews, and teamwork factors.

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