Production Support

SSTech’s Production Support teams—efficient and very cost-effective.


System Soft Technologies’ Product Support personnel are expert at helping the end user with new solutions developed by the programming team, from initial integration through debugging through finalization. We maintain control over the process on every project in order to assure minimal cost and highest performance of the final product.


Our developers are seamlessly integrated with the Production Support staff every step of the way through the development and testing phases. We use specific methodologies to determine changes to the solution itself midstream, and apply those adjustments with our programming team. SSTech maintains a cadre of highly trained specialists for all the Production Support teams assigned to various clients and projects around the country. These teams follow regimented procedures throughout their efforts on every project.

  • Shorted testing and debugging cycles
  • Full operations are achieved with a new solution to commence in a shorter timeframe
  • Cost efficiencies are supported by multiple tools and techniques

Types of Production Support

Predictive Production Support
Predictive Production Support provides synchronous real-time intervention based on continuous monitoring and asynchronous trend analysis. This, in turn, helps both to prevent service-impacting events or incidents and guarantee performance and availability. SSTech Production Support teams utilize predictive analysis to head installation and debugging problems off at the pass.

Adaptive Production Support
SSTech Product Support teams apply tested processes to identify shifting specifications and goals of the project. The end result for the client of Adaptive Product Support is that the solution, when executed and going operational, is much more likely to have all possible bugs eradicated, and much less likely to need further re-engineering.

Corrective Production Support
Our team members approach identification of production errors with an eye to implementing corrective measure sooner rather than later. SSTech’s experience is applied in our analysis of the system, through the integration phase, to flag the areas which need adjustment to the code in order to accomplish the project mission.

Preventive Production Support
Our Production Support team members specialize in carrying out Preventive measures during the integration phase in addition to the Predictive and Corrective. Like our Corrective methodologies, the high efficiency of our inter-developer communications channels is leverage to help identify all problem areas as soon as possible during the project. The client experiences a great advantage in time and cost reduction through problems literally being eliminated before they even happen.

Focus Areas and Metrics
SSTech views Production Support through a lens that magnifies problem areas (i.e., our Predictive, Adaptive, Corrective, etc., methodologies), and accomplishes that through various focus areas and metrics. We employ specific techniques to fulfill this part of the mission, including prioritization of issues, timely status updates and reporting, proactive monitoring of corrective steps as they are being made, and various other processes. Ultimately, the client benefits from these methodologies in that they provide the crucial link to 24x7 operations. The overall seamless integration of our Production Support personnel across all the different categories of problem-solving marks a special characteristic of our capabilities.


Part of what makes our Production Support efforts so efficient is the longevity of our work in this area, as well as application of the latest methodologies. Our techniques are geared to bridge the process and procedural gaps between applications development, technical support, and operational areas for application implementation and support services.

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